Pennsylvania Aquatic Facility Technician

This course was developed specifically to provide an online training class that will allow Category 24 Pesticide License holders to earn all the recertification credits required by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture for their three year CEU cycle. This course has been approved for 6 Core, 4 Category 24 Swimming Pool, and 4 Category 18 Demonstration and Research CEU’s. The course requires a total time of at least 6 hours online to complete. The 6 hours can be divided up into any increment of time that the participant desires but must be completed within 30 days of registering. The total cost is $249.

Additional time can be purchased at the end of the 30 days if the course is still not completed. The cost for each additional 30 day period is $49.


PAFT Description

Participants will receive a copy of “The Complete Swimming Pool Refernce” 2nd Edition by Dr. Tom Griffiths. This is a 400+ page book on swimming pool and spa operation.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this training participants will be able to:

  • *Provide details on the importance of safe handling, storage & application of pool and spa chemicals
  • *Explain unusual and inherent hazards presented while working with pool and spa chemicals
  • *Locate web resources covering safe chemical handling, storage and application
  • *Explain the PA Department of Agriculture’s pool operation certification and recertification requirements
  • *Describe important considerations in pool operation and maintenance
  • *Identify design safety considerations


6 hours