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Mar. 13 Rocky Mount, NC
Mar. 16 Fayetteville, NC
Mar. 17 Cherokee, NC
Mar. 20 Jacksonville, NC
Mar. 23 Atlantic Beach, NC
Mar. 27 Nags Head, NC
Mar. 30 Greenville, NC
Apr. 1 Greensboro, NC
Apr. 7 Asheville, NC
Apr. 10 New Bern, NC
Two-day National course cost $219. One day in classroom and one day online national course cost $249 and participant will receive the National License Aquatic Facility Technician (NLAFT) certification.
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Apr. 18 Boone, NC
Apr. 18 Wilmington, NC
Apr. 21 Charlotte, NC
Apr. 22 Fayetteville, NC
Apr. 28 Atlantic Beach, NC
May 5 Winston-Salem, NC
May 12 Greensboro, NC
May 19 Wilmington, NC
May 22 Fayetteville, NC
May 23 Charlotte, NC
Licenced Aquatic Facility Technician Dates and Locations (2017)
National Licenced Aquatic Facility Technician Dates and Locations
Jan. 27 Greensboro, NC
Feb. 3 Wilmington, NC
Feb. 6 Charlotte, NC
Feb. 16 Rocky Mt., NC
Feb. 17 Fayetteville, NC
Feb. 28 Avon, NC
Mar. 2 Asheville, NC
Mar. 6 Charlotte, NC
Mar. 7 Greensboro, NC
Mar. 8 Wilmington, NC
Jan. 23-24 Raleigh, NC
Feb. 9-10 Greenville, SC
Feb. 23-24 Columbia, SC
Feb. 27-28 Raleigh, NC
Mar. 2-3 Myrtle Beach SC
Mar. 9-10 Charleston, SC
Mar. 21-22 Greenville, SC
Mar. 23-24 Columbia, SC
Mar. 30-31 Raleigh, NC
Apr. 5-6 Myrtle Beach, SC
Apr. 19-20 Charleston, SC
May 3-4 Columbia, SC
May 10-11 Greenville, SC
May 15-16 Raleigh, NC
May 17-18 Myrtle Beach, SC